Our Leadership Team

The Covenant Health Executive Leadership Team serves the East Tennessee community.

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Executive Leadership Team

Jim VanderSteeg profile image

Jim VanderSteeg

President and Chief Executive Officer, Covenant Health

Mike Belbeck profile image

Mike Belbeck

Executive Vice President of Operations, Covenant Health

Jon-David Deeson profile image

Jon-David Deeson

Executive Vice President of Physician Enterprise and Ambulatory Services, Covenant Health

Doug Campbell profile image

Doug Campbell

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Covenant Health

Joe Dolan profile image

Joe Dolan

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Covenant Health

Senior Leadership Team

Keith Altshuler profile image

Keith Altshuler

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Jeremy Biggs profile image

Jeremy Biggs

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Methodist Medical Center

Patrick Birmingham profile image

Patrick Birmingham

Vice President of Governmental Relations, Covenant Health

Chip Bryant profile image

Chip Bryant

Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer

Aaron Burns profile image

Aaron Burns

President and Chief Administrative Officer for LeConte Medical Center

Chaise Camp profile image

Chaise Camp

Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Covenant Health

Rick Carringer profile image

Rick Carringer

Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Covenant Health

Chad Clabough profile image

Chad Clabough

Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Liz Clary, MHA, BSN, RN profile image

Liz Clary, MHA, BSN, RN

Vice President of Behavioral Health, Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Medical Center

Jeff Collake profile image

Jeff Collake

Vice President of Managed Care, Covenant Health

Randy Davis profile image

Randy Davis

Chief Administrative Officer, Cumberland Medical Center

Amy DeLong profile image

Amy DeLong

Vice President and Controller of Financial Services, Covenant Health

Ben DeVore profile image

Ben DeVore

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Thompson Cancer Survival Center

Danny Edsell profile image

Danny Edsell

President of Fortress / Vice President of Covenant Health Properties

Jeremy Floyd profile image

Jeremy Floyd

Chief Communications Officer, Vice President of Marketing, Covenant Health

Mandy Halford, MD profile image

Mandy Halford, MD

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Covenant Health

Debbi Honey, RN profile image

Debbi Honey, RN

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Covenant Health

John Huskey profile image

John Huskey

President of Covenant HomeCare and Hospice, Covenant Health

Devan Johnson, MHA profile image

Devan Johnson, MHA

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Parkwest Medical Center

Patti Ketterman profile image

Patti Ketterman

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Claiborne Medical Center

Gordon Lintz profile image

Gordon Lintz

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System

Connie Martin profile image

Connie Martin

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Justin McGoldrick, MD profile image

Justin McGoldrick, MD

Enterprise Vice President of Medical Affairs and Graduate Medical Education Officer, Covenant Health

Kevin Miller profile image

Kevin Miller

Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Covenant Health

Jason Pilant profile image

Jason Pilant

President and Chief Administrative Officer for Roane Medical Center, Covenant Health

Monty Scott profile image

Monty Scott

President and Chief Administrative Officer, Covenant Medical Group

Mike Ward profile image

Mike Ward

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Covenant Health

Debi Welch profile image

Debi Welch

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Covenant Health

Kathleen Zitzman profile image

Kathleen Zitzman

Chief Compliance Officer, Covenant Health

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