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East Tennessee’s Trusted Choice for Quality Imaging and Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic imaging provides precise visual insight to help identify the source of health issues. From CT scans to MRI and ultrasound, diagnostic imaging tools are used to give the healthcare team a clearer view of a patient’s needs, and to guide the development of comprehensive treatment plans.

Covenant Health imaging and diagnostic centers blend the highest standard of treatment with the latest in radiological technology. With 11 locations across East Tennessee, a Covenant Health imaging center is always close by.

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Every Patient Deserves Access to Quality Imaging Care

If you are in need of imaging services and are paying out of pocket, Covenant Health Diagnostics can help.

Covenant Health Diagnostics offers medical imaging services at a discounted price for all patients in East Tennessee paying out of pocket, whether you have health insurance or not. Discover more about discounted imaging services at any Covenant Health location today!

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Imaging Technology at Covenant Health

At Covenant Health, we are committed to pinpoint accuracy to understand what is causing your health problems. We offer a full range of imaging services, including CT scans, MRI, mammography, digital X-rays, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and many specialized imaging procedures. Our PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) technology facilitates the seamless and secure transmission of medical images for the convenience of our patients and providers.

Our equipment provides high-quality images so we can see what is going on inside your body. Once our Covenant Health care teams have a clear picture of your needs, we build comprehensive treatment plans to help you get back to living the life you deserve.

Imaging Services

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Digital X-Ray
Nuclear Medicine
Laboratory Services

Scheduling Your Imaging Appointment

Learn more about scheduling your imaging appointment at a Covenant Health location.



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Our Team

Covenant Health imaging specialists blend the highest standard of treatment with the latest in radiological technology.

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