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Because mental health is important to your overall health

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Trust Your Behavioral Health Needs to Covenant Health

Covenant Health is proud to provide quality mental health services to East Tennesseans through Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Medical Center.

We also offer senior behavioral health services at Parkwest Medical Center and Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System. And Covenant Health is a partner of East Tennessee Behavioral Health, which offers inpatient and outpatient services at a new facility in West Knoxville.


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Mental Health Services Offered by Peninsula

Peninsula provides a wide range of programs and services to East Tennesseans seeking mental health and wellness, with inpatient services in Blount County, TN, and outpatient services in Knox, Loudon, Blount and Sevier counties,

Services range from inpatient hospitalization to intensive outpatient treatment and specialized programs for peer recovery, women facing substance abuse issues, and other specific needs. Because no two mental health needs are exactly the same, our programs, support groups, and meetings are tailored to your individual mental health and wellness needs.

We’ll meet you where you are, and offer you the care and support you need to live your best life.

Covenant Health’s Mental Health Services

Peninsula Hospital
Peninsula Outpatient Programs
Senior Behavioral Health
East Tennessee Behavioral Health


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Your mental health and wellness is just as vital to your overall well-being as your physical health and wellness. Find the best provider for you and take your next step toward better health.

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