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Media Relations


Thank you for your interest in Covenant Health. We value the relationships we have with our media partners and want to provide timely information to you while protecting the privacy and security of our patients while they heal. Our media relations team members can help you set up interviews and assist you with the information you need about our member organizations, healthcare services and other medical topics.

Reporting on Our Health System? Let Us Know!

If you are preparing a story that references Covenant Health, one of our member facilities, our employees and physicians, or someone who has received care at a Covenant Health facility, please make us aware of the story in advance. We appreciate knowing about stories that are “in the works” and we can often provide information or resources that will be helpful.

Interviews with Covenant Health Spokespersons

We are happy to check availability of spokespersons with expertise in specific medical areas or health system operations. Options for interviews can include:

  • In person at your media location or studio
  • On location at Covenant Health
  • Via phone
  • Via video call/interview

Interviews with Employees

If you wish to speak with a Covenant Health employee for  a story, please contact the marketing department at the employee’s facility before contacting the employee. We can help facilitate the interview, help the subject to answer your questions effectively, and assure that privacy guidelines and policies regarding photos/video are followed. Please note that photos/videos of patients, employees and physicians may not be taken within our facilities unless arrangements have been made in advance with a media relations representative. Photos of our employees and physicians may not be used without their consent.

Patient Privacy

We pay careful attention to patient privacy and safety regulations at our facilities. Our media relations team is responsible for obtaining the appropriate consents from our patients, employees and physicians who will be participating in a media interview or photos/videos.

If You Are Coming to One of Our Facilities. . .

Help us protect the privacy of our patients by coordinating your visit with our media relations department before you arrive at a Covenant Health facility. Our staff will arrange for an escort to accompany you while at Covenant Health. To film on one of our campuses, you must obtain permission in advance of your arrival. Media representatives without escorts or who have not received advance permission to film on location will be asked to leave the facility’s premises.

Referencing Us by Name

Please use our full name, Covenant Health, when referencing our health system. We are also sometimes referred to as “Covenant Health of East Tennessee” to avoid confusion with other health systems around the U.S. that have similar names.

Media Kit

We offer a comprehensive media kit for media representatives, including B-roll footage, photos of hospital exteriors, system leaders and physicians, and logos. Covenant Health logos and assets are available for media use only to accompany stories that properly identify Covenant Health and/or one or more of its member organizations.

For inquiries, please email [email protected].

About Our Facilities

Note: Covenant Health logos and assets are available for media use to accompany information properly identifying Covenant Health and/or one or more of our member organizations. Contact the facility directly for assistance and assets.

Contact Us

To reach a member of Covenant Health’s media relations team, call 865-374-0424 during business hours or email [email protected]. After business hours, leave a voice mail message at 865-216-8863 and the marketing representative on-call will follow up.

To reach one of the facilities below, call the number listed. To reach a hospital marketing staff member after business hours, call the hospital main number and ask for the marketing representative on-call.

Claiborne Medical Center

Marketing Office: 423-526-2192
Hospital: 423-626-4211

Cumberland Medical Center

Marketing Office: 931-459-7019
Hospital: 931-484-9511

Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Marketing Office: 865-271-6026
Hospital: 865-271-6500

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Marketing Office: 865-331-1542
Hospital: 865-331-1111

LeConte Medical Center

Marketing Office: 865-446-7581
Hospital: 865-446-7000

Methodist Medical Center

Marketing Office: 865-835-4405
Hospital: 865-835-1000

Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System

Marketing Office: 423-312-9032
Hospital: 423-492-9000

Parkwest Medical Center/ Peninsula Behavioral Health

Marketing Office: 865-373-1703
Hospital: 865-373-1000

Roane Medical Center

Marketing Office: 865-316-2150
Hospital: 865-316-1000

Covenant Medical Group

Marketing Office: 865-374-0479

Covenant Therapy Centers

Marketing Office: 865-374-0437

Thompson Cancer Survival Center

Marketing Office: 865-374-0437

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