Outdoor Activity Recommended for Trying Times

Posted on March 23, 2020

From Missy Kane, Fitness Expert

As East Tennesseans are being encouraged to stay away from public places, Covenant Health community fitness expert Missy Kane is encouraging families to explore the great outdoors. “For me, it’s just wonderful to get out and see nature, and to enjoy all the beauty we have in East Tennessee,” Kane says. “It makes me grateful for what I do have.”

Like most of us, Kane has had to adapt to the rules of social distancing. She says it doesn’t keep her from a fit and fun lifestyle. “This time of year I usually lead large groups of hikers and bikers,” Kane says. “I can still get outside on my own like I did today.”

Missy Kane on bike

Kane has been on the move for most of her life, having participated in the Olympics, medaled in the Pan American Games and coaching track and field at the University of Tennessee. Today, sitting still indoors still isn’t an option. Over the years, she has incorporated many forms of exercise into her everyday life. Kane says biking has become one of her favorites.

“Biking is great for my knees,” Kane says. “They’re kind of arthritic and when I bike it seems like it makes them better.” Kane has long been an advocate of family time outdoors. She says walking alongside your children on their bikes is easy, inexpensive, safe and a great way to bond.

Another suggestion from Kane is a picnic at the park with outdoor games. She says it can be a great source of family fun and build great memories. “A picnic outside with your family can be a special event for adults too,” Kane says.  But with all the fun she is encouraging, Kane also wants us to be mindful of the serious health threat that has presented itself in recent weeks. She emphasizes the importance of following all the guidelines for safety that have been recommended by the experts.

“And let’s all remember our healthcare workers who are working so hard to keep us safe and offer up some prayers for them,” Kane says. For more outdoor fun and family fitness  ideas, visit Missy Kane’s Covenant Health webpage: covenanthealth.com/missykane.