Claiborne Medical Center Has New CT Scanner

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Machine Offers Benefits for Patients and Clinical Staff

Claiborne Medical Center has expanded its CT scan capabilities for area patients with the acquisition of a new CT scanner at the hospital.

Computed tomography – CT scanning – is a computerized X-ray imaging procedure where a narrow beam of X-rays is rotated around a patient’s body. This beam produces signals that are processed by the machine’s computer to create cross-sectional images, or “slices.” These are called tomographic images. They can give a clinician more detailed information than conventional X-rays. The slices can be digitally “stacked” to form a 3D image of the patient that helps identify basic body structures as well as possible tumors or abnormalities. CT scans are often used to identify disease or injury in different parts of the body.

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Josh Fultz, imaging manager, and Vicki Cornelius, chief nursing officer, say the new CT scanner at Claiborne Medical Center has improved imaging capabilities and patient comfort.

The new CT scanner at Claiborne Medical Center has features that benefit both clinicians and patients:

Clinical Features

  • The new CT scanner is a 128-slice machine, double the power of the hospital’s previous 64-slice scanner. The additional power results in more imaging capabilities and better accuracy.
  • New CT software allows Claiborne Medical Center to perform brain perfusion studies, which aid in the diagnosis of acute stroke.
  • The speed of the scanner allows for more accurate tracking of a CT bolus, A bolus is a type of contrast that is used for some types of scans to improve visibility of blood vessels. This improves the accuracy of computed tomography angiograms (CTAs), which are used for diagnosing pulmonary (lung) embolisms, artery blockages and other conditions in the blood vessels.
  • The machine can perform live fluoroscopic scanning (CCT), which allows radiologists to perform biopsies and drainages faster and more efficiently.
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring of the new device reduces downtimes and the need to reschedule patients.

Patient Comfort Features

  • The CT scanner and updated software make the imaging process more efficient for patients.
  • The new CT reduces both scan times and radiation doses.
  • The scanning process is quieter, improving comfort and reducing stress for anxious patients.

“We’re so pleased to have this new CT scanner at Claiborne Medical Center. It has expanded our imaging capabilities and improved our services for patients,” said Vicki Cornelius, chief nursing officer.

“We’ve already noticed how our patients like the new CT,” added Josh Fultz, imaging manager. “It is much quieter, and the scan time is incredibly fast.”

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