Getting Started

Tips to Jump Start Weight Loss

Be accountable: Partner with a buddy, log into the weight loss challenge, write down what you do. I recommend logging down what you do daily as far as exercise and eating. Buy a journal or if you want my “Get on Track with Missy Kane” journal, call (865) 541-4500. Tell them you are part of this 10k challenge and you’ll get $2 off.

Move Move Move: The only way to lose excess weight and keep it off is by exercising. Wear a pedometer and see if you can log in around 10,000 steps per day. This equals close to five miles. Schedule a 30-minute exercise session a day, like walking or using stationary bike etc. Then think of ways to get more steps in at work, at the mall, at home. See tips below

Eat smaller proportions: We need to eat three meals a day and include a light snack but our biggest problem is eating portions that are too large. The size of your fist is how big a serving of lean beef, pork, chicken, and fish should be. Using a smaller plate and not returning for seconds can cut out a lot of calories. Rule out fried foods. If you want a hamburger, at least don’t eat the fries. If you eat out, split the meal for two people.

Drink more water: We all need to drink more water and cut out high-calorie drinks like sodas, sweet tea, etc.

Variety: In your diet and exercise, variety is a must. Eat a balanced meal with plenty of color from fruits and veggies, and go light on refined carbs like spaghetti, include protein, and try different types of exercise weekly. See my plan on the back!

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