Comfort and Joy – Family Celebrates New Family of Three

Methodist’s Family Birthing Center makes special deliveries every day.

Dr. Michele Tate knows how to read a room. This Methodist Medical Center OB/GYN firmly believes that women giving birth should have a say in the birthing experience.

“If I go into the room for the delivery and the lights are off, we leave the lights off,” Dr. Tate says. “If they want music, then we do music.”

With five children of her own, Dr. Tate is aware of the physical, mental and emotional strain that can come with childbirth. She says the Family Birthing Center at Methodist Medical Center is equipped to meet the needs of expectant mothers and their families.

“We have administration and staff who are really passionate about women’s health,” Dr. Tate says, “and we have a great group of labor and delivery nurses.”

Dr. Tate occasionally meets people who seem to be surprised that Methodist Medical Center has a labor and delivery department, but the hospital has been a place for these special deliveries since 1943. With a wealth of experience, energy, and compassion, the dedicated physicians, nurses and staff work together as a team to help families usher in new life.

“We are there for them. We want them to have the best experience that they can, and we want their labor and delivery to go the way that they want it to go,” Dr. Tate says. “Our main priority is a healthy mom and a healthy baby.”

One Family’s Experience

Eric Hansen knew something unusual was going on. He had just returned from a morning run and his wife had a smirk on her face.

“It was too much to hold in all day for myself!” Kayla Hansen says. She took him to the bathroom where she had hidden a pregnancy test under a towel on the countertop.

“Quite honestly, she made pregnancy look surprisingly easy!” Eric says.

Along with deciding on nursery decor and baby clothes, Kayla decided to make sure her health and the baby’s health were addressed. During her OB visit, Kayla had a chance to meet with any physician in the practice who might answer the call when the time was right for the baby to be born at Methodist Medical Center.

That time came the night before Halloween, and the hospital was ready.

“I felt like the baby and I were in good hands from the moment we were admitted into the hospital,” Kayla says. “The staff treated us all really well and they seemed like they cared about what we wanted.”

“I think we all enjoyed and laughed at the birthing playlist that was on blast,” Eric says.

A Baby is Born

Dr. Tate entered the room and let the music play on, remaining calm and steadfast in the important moments that followed.

“She sat at the end of the bed and talked with me through my contractions and helped count as I pushed,” Kayla says.

Nurses were on Kayla’s left side, and her husband and her sister were on her right, all encouraging her and comforting her as the brand-new baby made his way into the world.

Hayes Warren Hansen was born at 9:10 a.m. on Oct. 31, weighing in at seven pounds. He is much loved by his parents.

“I love being able to watch him grow on a daily basis as we spend a lot of time together,” Kayla says. “I look forward to experiencing all his firsts.”

Looking back, Kayla and Eric recommend their healthcare choices to others. The experience at the Family Birthing Center at Methodist Medical Center made them feel well cared for. It also made them a family of three.

“Dr. Tate and staff made the birthing process a calm and pleasant experience for all of us,” Eric says.

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family or you know someone else who is, and you’d like more information about labor and delivery services in Oak Ridge, contact the Family Birthing Center at Methodist Medical Center at 865-835-2250 or click here.

As fairly new transplants to Tennessee, the Hansen’s had a wonderful birthing experience at Methodist’s Family Birthing Center and with her OB physicians, including Dr. Michele Tate.

Baby Hayes celebrates his first holiday. “I love being able to watch him grow on a daily basis as we spend a lot of time together,” Kayla says. “I look forward to experiencing all his firsts.”

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