Restful Treatment, Hospital-Level Care at Home

Regardless of a patient’s condition or medical needs, a hospital stay can be stressful for both the patient and family members or loved ones. For patients who meet specific guidelines, Covenant Health’s hospital-at-home program can provide a supportive and more comfortable environment for care and recovery.

Rebecca Spradlin, 63, of Knoxville, discovered that she had the opportunity to receive hospital-level treatment within the comfort of her own home. After a brief hospital stay, Spradlin says her condition continued to improve while she received medical care through Covenant Health’s Advanced Care at Home program.

Thanks to Covenant Health’s Advanced Care at Home program, Rebecca Spradlin was able to shorten her time in the hospital and still receive hospital-level care.

A New Option for Hospital-Level Care

Spradlin visited Parkwest Medical Center after experiencing intense respiratory distress, pain under her left side and no energy. She was diagnosed with left lobar pneumonia, had become septic from the infection and required supplemental oxygen and intravenous antibiotics. Given the severity of her infection, she stayed overnight in the emergency room before
being offered additional hospital-level treatment through the Advanced Care at Home program.

When given the opportunity to receive hospital-level care while recovering at home, Spradlin opted immediately to be back with her dog, Rue, and her family. With an at-home technology kit and the portable equipment involved with her treatment, Spradlin said she had everything she needed, and communication with her medical team was only a button-press away.

“The security of knowing that you’re in your own place is amazing,” she said. “Even having visitors in the hospital doesn’t compare to being in the Advanced Care at Home program. The efficiency of the team and the technology setup was so easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people.”

To registered nurse Dottie Branson, it was clear that Spradlin was a perfect candidate for this hospital-at-home service because of her medical condition and desire to heal at home with her family and her pet.

Even with Spradlin’s enthusiasm for the program, her son initially had doubts and wondered if his mother would receive adequate care and attention outside of a hospital. But after seeing the technology, medical team presence, preparedness and other key factors, he was convinced the hospital- at-home service was just what she needed.

Branson further emphasized this point. “With Advanced Care at Home, we’re able to provide the same level of care as if patients were at one of the [hospital] facilities,” she said. “It can set people up for success in the long run because it offers a unique opportunity of seeing a patient’s home life. From there, we see habits and where long term they could improve or change their lifestyle and possibly provide them a better quality of life.”

Healing at Home

With today’s technology and around-the-clock access to medical personnel, recovering at home is an effective and real option for patients who previously required hospitalization. Before a patient enters the Advanced Care at Home program, a team of healthcare professionals at a virtual care operations center determines whether there are adequate resources such as a stable residence, water and electricity, and an overall support system. While the patient receives care and monitoring by nurses and doctors, couriers deliver medications and pick up bloodwork.

Spradlin expressed gratitude for the team that provided her treatment and for the experience she had while recovering. “It was day and night,” she said. “Just knowing I had people backing me up that cared, along with all of the equipment where I could the doctors and nurses were wonderful.”

Now, mostly recovered from her severe bout of pneumonia, Spradlin is grateful for the opportunity to experience the Advanced Care at Home and hopes the program will continue to grow. For her own plans, Spradlin is enjoying spending time with her family and spoiling Rue with favorite treats.

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About Advanced Care at Home

John Busigin, MD, hospital medicine specialist, is the medical director for Covenant Health Advanced Care at Home. Dr. Busigin believes this new model for patient care will grow rapidly and be embraced by patients.

John Busigin, MD, Medical Director,
Covenant Health Advanced Care at Home

He said, “Imagine receiving all the care for an illness that would typically require three to 10 days in a hospital, but in a safer environment and in the comfort of home. This program passes the ‘family test’ – it’s what we would want for our own family members. I am excited by the opportunity to lead this change in health care.

“We are already seeing the benefits of this program and are thrilled to continue expanding the service to more people in East Tennessee served by Covenant Health,” said Dr. Busigin. “Common conditions that would make a patient eligible for this program are heart failure, COPD, asthma, and some infections that just require IV antibiotics. With this remote monitoring technology, patients can heal at home while we remain connected to them 24/7. We are receiving positive feedback from those who have been admitted. This program can help reduce the length of hospital stays and improve patient healing.”


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