July DAISY Award Winner- Elisabeth Torrente

Congratulations to DAISY winner, Elisabeth Torrente! Elisabeth, the educator for our women’s service department, was nominated by a patient who had been in her care more than once. Past experiences had caused Kecia Ross, her nominator, to be nervous about childbirth, and she says the compassionate care Elisabeth provides is unmatched.

“Each time that I have given birth, she has gone above and beyond,” Kecia says. “When I go in to have my epidural, I shake uncontrollably. I cry. She always makes a joke or tells me a story about how she can relate. She just makes me feel important! She listens. We need more people like her in this world. She deserves to be recognized for the ANGEL that she truly is. Words could never describe how I feel about this precious soul!” Thanks, Elisabeth for your dedication to your patients AND the impact you make on their lives!

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