FLAME Award Winner – Bayley Daniels

Bayley Daniels Receiving her FLAME awardThe pandemic certainly changed the way we do things in the hospital and impacted patients’ experiences in our care. One patient is particularly thankful for a staff member who went beyond her medical responsibilities to provide support in a difficult time. Bayley Daniels, a technician in our ER, is one of our latest FLAME award winners.

Bayley went out of her way to comfort a patient who had been seen in the ER and was being transferred to a floor in the hospital which did not allow visitors at the time. The patient considered leaving against medical advice because of the no visitor policy on the floor, but Bayley took the time to discuss the situation and encourage the patient to stay and receive the necessary treatment. During his stay, Bayley would call and visit to check in on him even after he had left the emergency department. This meant so much to the patient, and he said that Bayley was a true example of excellence. Thank you for your dedication to your patients, Bayley! You truly make a difference.

The FLAME Award was created by FSRMC’s Patient Family Partnership Council in 2018 to recognize our non-nurse employees who have gone above and beyond to improve the hospital experience for our patients and their family members. To nominate an extraordinary staff member, click here.

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