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Knox County mom says Morristown is worth the drive

Wendell and April Chittum
Wendell and April Chittum live in Knox County, but traveled nearly an hour to Morristown for the birth of their baby, Carter.

Wendell and April Chittum sit quietly in the living room of their home in Knox County. Wendell is cradling the newest addition to the family.

April says Baby Carter is “a miracle and a blessing.”

The Chittums have four children. The two youngest were born at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System after prenatal care at Women’s Healthcare of Morristown.

It’s about an hour’s drive to Morristown from where they live, but April believes she’s getting the very best care for her growing family.

First-hand Experience

April, a native of Bean Station, was in nursing school when she was assigned to work at Women’s Healthcare of Morristown. That’s where she met OB/GYN Bill Black, MD, and saw a whole different level of care.

“I saw some pretty grim things and some good things as well, just watching Dr. Black under pressure,” April says. “He stayed calm.”

The more April saw there, the more certain she became that it was where she should be for her next pregnancy and delivery. She never changed her mind, even though she changed her address to Knox County.

Confident in Her Care

“I was like, no doubt about it, we’re driving back,” April says. “So we made the drive for every appointment.”

April lost a lot of blood with her first two births. It happened again with her third, but this time things were different.

The room was ready, and so was Dr. Black.

“As soon as he saw me start to hemorrhage, he had it taken care of in 30 seconds,” April says.

Returning for Continuing Care

Without hesitation, April and Wendell also put their fourth baby’s birth in the hands of Dr. Black and Women’s Healthcare of Morristown.

“The whole experience was great with Dr. Black,” Wendell says. “He walks you through everything…. He’s more like a friend than a doctor.”

When April’s blood pressure wouldn’t go down and the baby’s heart rate dropped, Dr. Black recommended a C-section. Baby Carter Chittum was born safe and healthy, and his parents couldn’t be happier.

“It’s the security of knowing no matter what happens, he’s got it,” April says. “Dr. Black is just phenomenal, and I would recommend him to anybody.” 

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