A Piece of Cake …. and a Piece of History

A celebration honoring Methodist’s 75th anniversary took an extra sweet turn during a special birthday cake delivery to patients. During lunch last Friday, members of Methodist’s administrative and nursing teams went room to room to personally deliver cards and custom petit fours to patients and guests.Celebrating Methodist Medical Center's 75th birthday is MMC president Jeremy Biggs and Donald Connelly of Oak RidgeDonald Connelly of Oak Ridge holds a photo of himself taken at then Oak Ridge Hospital during the 1950'sA hospital promotional photo from the 1950's as captured by Secret City photographer, Ed Westcott

While getting his photo taken with Jeremy Biggs, Methodist’s president and chief administrative officer, Donald Connelly of Oak Ridge remarked that this was not the first time the hospital had taken his photo. He remembered being asked to be in a photo during the late 1950’s for a renovation brochure promoting the demolition of the old Army hospital to make way for a new hospital expansion.

Thanks to a little digging, not only did Mr. Connelly get a piece of cake but he also got a piece of history, when the Ed Westcott photo was pulled from the medical center’s archives.  Mr. Connelly’s younger self is shown wearing the striped pajamas (front, right).

“Well look at that,” said Mr. Connelly when he was surprised with the picture. “My mother was an RN at this hospital, my brother and sister were born here and my brother is a Volunteer here now. This is a great hospital – I’ve received nothing but triple, no make that quadruple, A+ care!”

Cake was delivered personally to patients and was also served as a complimentary dessert to all staff and guests who visited the hospital’s Secret City Cafe.   The hospital will continue to celebrate its 75th anniversary through the end of the year with celebrations for both the public and staff.  


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