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Third Quarter Course Catalog is Now Available image
Third Quarter Course Catalog is Now Available image

Third Quarter Course Catalog is Now Available

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Professional DynaMetric Programs image

Professional DynaMetric Programs

Learn the 4 cornerstone behavioral traits, find out your highest trait, and how to communicate with co-workers.

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Covenant Health Learning and Leadership Development (LLD) Department

Leadership Development Course Offerings

LLD is Covenant Health’s workforce and leadership development department. Our objective is to provide timely and engaging educational opportunities for our employees. We offer multiple class, workshop, and assessment options that are targeted to provide both tactical and leadership development opportunities at no cost to our employees. Please visit our course search page or browse our current course catalog and start your educational journey.

Behavioral Assessments

Covenant Health proudly offers the PDP ProScan behavioral assessment to our employees and teams. The PDP is a remarkable tool that can help us better understand ourselves and those we work with. PDP can help us communicate better, work better together as a team, and identify possible opportunities for individual and team growth. If you would like to know more about the PDP and how it can help you or your team, please take a moment to submit a PDP request and a PDP certified professional will reach out to you.

Education Development

LLD has the capability to support you and your team in the delivery of your education. We can assist you with the development of your training materials. Whether you need an e-Learning module developed, help with class content development, or a video produced, we can help. For more information, please visit our services page.

Innovative Education Delivery

We understand that it can be difficult to fit a class into your busy schedule, but this should not stop the lifelong learning process. To assist in your efforts to continuously learn, we have implemented micro-learning educational opportunities that are delivered right to your phone.

Leadership Quick Tips

We have been distributing these five-minute nuggets of education via email every other week for over two years now. More recently, we have added the ability for anyone to sign up for delivery via text message. To sign up for email delivery, please contact our team. To sign up for these via text, simply scan the QR code provided below. You can expect to receive two messages per month.

Educational Text Drips

Our educational text drips are scheduled educational text messages that cover specific topics. The content in these text messages is a mix of the quick tips written by our LLD staff and other articles curated from respected educational sites and institutions. We currently have three educational drips available for you and your employees to join. The first two are targeted toward existing leaders in the organization. They cover the topics from our Employee Engagement and Strategic Planning classes. The other was developed specifically for our aspiring leaders and is based on the content covered in our Leading Without a Title class. While this drip was specifically developed for Covenant’s aspiring leaders, it is great content for any leader, in any phase of their career. You can expect to receive four to five texts the first month and two texts a month after for three to five months depending on the drip you select. Keep in mind, you can always opt out if you no longer want to receive these text messages.

You can sign up for the Leadership Quick Tips or any of text drips by scanning the content specific QR code below with your smart phone.

QR codes for leadership development drips

News, Articles, and Leadership Quick Tips

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Employee Engagement and Motivation

Foster Innovation Through Engaged Employees In this class, you will learn the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and specific tips on how to lead your team to engage.

Strategic Planning Image

Strategic Planning – Facilitator Training

This class teaches the same tools as those used in the workshop but doesn’t require team participation. In the facilitator training, you will learn the skills and tools necessary to lead your team through the strategic planning process.

Facilitating a Team Problem-solving/Ideation Workshop

This limited-time educational opportunity will bring LLD to your facility for an ideation/problem-solving event with your team. While identifying and tackling your biggest barriers for 2023, you will learn ideation and problem-solving techniques that you can utilize over and over again.

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