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Leadership Development

Leadership development is viewed as a critical component for success at Covenant Health. We encourage current and aspiring leaders to take the time to expand their leadership skills. Leaders are responsible for facilitating execution of Covenant Health’s strategy through building alignment, team member engagement and growing the capabilities of others.

We provide classroom training, e-Learning, coaching and mentoring, and reading recommendations to help our leaders grow personally and professionally. We encourage you to also sign up to have our leadership quick tips sent directly to your inbox.

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The greatest athletes in the world regularly work with a coach. Their coaches can’t do what they do but they know how to stop areas that need attention. A coach might tell a golf pro that his elbow is too high when he makes a backswing, or her inconsistent knee flex caused bobbing in her swing. If people who are at the top in their field regularly spend time with a coach, why wouldn’t we do the same?

We’re here to help you! We’ll take the time to learn where you are, where you want to be, help you plan your next action steps and then examine your outcomes with you.

This is a personal commitment to reach beyond your comfort zone. If you’re ready to move forward, contact us today!

PDP – Personal Dynamics Profile

Ever wondered why you instantly “click” with some people while other people seem to irritate you? Through PDP Works you’ll learn more about what makes people tick. Each person is unique, with a basic behavior style (natural strengths), pressures they are experiencing and how they come across to others. After completing an assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive ProScan report which defines and measures your strengths and behavior style. By learning more about yourself, and others, you’ll be better equipped to lead and motivate your team members, pull together diverse work groups and create effective strategies to address organizational issues. Discussing your behavior style is a best-practice start for any new working relationship in the organization.

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New Leader Assimilation

At some point in our career, we have all either gained a new leader, or we’ve been the new leader. This newness can be challenging for all parties involved. Some may greet a new leader with trepidation as this new person represents the unknown. Conversely, others may be thrilled. Regardless, this is a pivotal time for new leaders and teams alike. The New Leader Assimilation is a quick, non-threatening way for team members to become familiar with the new leader. Through a facilitated team session, the facilitator solicits questions members would like to discuss; however, may not feel comfortable in addressing them openly. Through this process, all members of the team hear the leaders’ responses at the same time; therefore, the information is consistent and does not lose context or meaning. These sessions have been highly effective for introducing a new leader to a team and it creates an environment of openness and trust.

e-Learning Development

Gone are the days of stagnant and one-dimensional e-Learning courses. Our team can now produce e-Learning content that is engaging, interactive and effective. Beyond improving the virtual learning experience, we have developed e-Learning methodologies that can drastically reduce the amount of time our employees spend reviewing education they already know. Whether you are developing or receiving training, we can leverage the following to improve your virtual learning experience.


Training through short bursts of information has been proven to increase learner retention. Microlearning modules are typically 10-minute-long bursts of education that focus on one specific subject. These lessons are great for just in time training needs and can be built, assigned and published rapidly. Microlearning modules can also be used to reinforce the high points from longer e-Learning courses or instructor lead classes.


Our team has the capability of producing and editing our own video and audio training content. If necessary, we can record on location at your facility. Whether your next training project contains video, voiceover or will be a presented as a podcast, we are here to assist.

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