MMC Participates in Linden Elementary’s Hometown Heroes Event

How do you help kids understand the importance of life-saving information such as how to recognize stroke symptoms or when (and when not) to dial 9-1-1?  You make it fun.  And today, nurse educators with Methodist Medical Center did just that.  Armed with books, coloring pages and an assortment of hospital supplies, registered nurses with Methodist teamed up with Linden Elementary School to help prepare students on what to do in an emergency. 

Nearly 80 students participated in the event during Linden’s “Hometown Heroes Week” which is being held during the school’s fall break intersession.  In addition to Methodist, students visited the Oak Ridge Fire Department and later this week will hear from officers with the Oak Ridge Police Department.

During two separate sessions, students “dressed out” as future doctors and nurses, practiced putting on armbands and listened to the sounds of their hearts, lungs and stomachs.  The group was also read the book “Can My Dog Have a Stroke?” which stressed the importance of knowing the signs of stroke through the acronym F-A-S-T:  Face, Arm, Speech and Time. 

Our thanks to RNs Mari Beth Waschevski, Audrey Burge, Carol King and Jessica Robbins for leading this interactive learning experience.  Not only did everyone learn and have fun, but the team sparked the inspiration of several future healthcare professionals!

Registered nurses Carol King, Jessica Robbins, Mari Beth Waschevski and Audrey Burge help students learn important tips about being in the hospital and how to handle emergencies during Linden Elementary’s Hometown Heroes event.

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