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The Sleep Disorders Center at Parkwest

Sleep disorders can affect your overall health, and some may even be life threatening.

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You Deserve a Good Night’s Sleep—The Experts at Parkwest Sleep Center Can Help

Sleep disorders can not only affect your overall health—some may even be life threatening.

In addition to causing daytime sleepiness and fatigue, certain sleep disorders can also lead to high blood pressure and serious heart problems.

Sleep disorder sufferers often experience more illnesses, more accidents, reduced job performance, and strained relationships.

Did you know—There are more than 84 different types of sleep disorders? It’s true!

If you’re a Tennessee resident who’s struggling with your sleep, you can turn to the professionals and Parkwest Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center for support and relief from your sleep issues.

We can offer you the customized care and assistance you need to get to the bottom of your sleep problems.

Why Trust The Sleep Disorders Center at Parkwest Medical Center with Your Sleep Needs?

At Parkwest Medical Center, we created our Sleep Disorders Center to help the people of Tennessee access the quality, consistent sleep you need and deserve.

The Parkwest Sleep Disorders Center is fully-accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and is ready to help you achieve better sleep.

Accredited facilities have a board-certified sleep medicine physician, who leads a team of trained healthcare professionals. To become accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep centers must comply with the AASM Standards for Accreditation, the gold standard for patient care in the sleep field. These requirements incorporate the latest diagnostic and treatment advances, and the standards ensure that sleep centers like ours provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

Get to know our Sleep Center team.

Services and Resources Offered through Parkwest’s Sleep Disorders Center in Knoxville, TN

When you can’t get a good night’s sleep, it impacts your whole life. Parkwest’s Sleep Disorders Center is here to support residents of East Tennessee like you with understanding the nature of your sleep issues, and finding the customized relief you seek.

Because we believe knowledge is powerful when it comes to making the best healthcare and wellness decisions for you, we’ve collected some helpful resources to assist you in your journey to better sleep.

Learn Good Sleep Habits
Healthy Sleep Basics
Parkwest Sleep Disorders Center Clinicians
Sleep Studies at Parkwest Medical Center
Learn the Types of Sleep Disorders
Treatment for Sleep Disorders at Parkwest’s Sleep Center

Take Our Sleep Quiz

When you can’t seem to get a good night’s rest, you need answers. Our sleep quiz can help you learn more about healthy sleep basics and your unique sleep issues and concerns.

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