Rehabilitation Services

Female provides rehabilitation services to elderly male using parallel bars.

You deserve top-quality rehabilitation services to fuel your recovery.

If you have an illness, injury, or hospitalization, it can feel like you’ll never get back to feeling normal. At Covenant Health, our team of compassionate, skilled rehabilitation therapists are here to ensure you can recover and get back to feeling your best again.

Covenant Health offers comprehensive rehabilitation services that help people recover from illness or injury and regain the highest quality of life possible. 

Our network of Tennessee healthcare facilities and skilled rehabilitation providers offer both inpatient and outpatient services in hospitals and therapy centers located throughout the region. Because great care should also be convenient and easy to access.

Physical therapist performs evaluation of a patient's ankle.
Male in his 60s jogs on a treadmill as part of his cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services through Covenant Health

Cardiac rehabilitation helps individuals with chronic cardiovascular disease to live well and reduce the risk of future cardiac events. 

Pulmonary rehabilitation helps individuals with chronic lung disease to live well and manage symptoms.

At Covenant Health, we offer expert providers of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services at our convenient East Tennessee healthcare and rehabilitation facilities.

View all our Covenant Health cardiac rehabilitation centers, throughout our Tennessee region, to find the provider that’s closest to you.

Covenant Health Skilled Rehabilitation Providers in East Tennessee

Covenant Health is proud to offer a wide range of therapy and rehabilitation services through our exclusive partnership with Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Hospitals


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East Tennessee Therapy Centers

Covenant Health Therapy Centers
Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center
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“I am able to physically accomplish whatever I want. I can bike, hike and kayak as I did before the accident. I have no limitations. I owe so much of that to Parkwest Therapy Center. They helped me to regain my strength, ability and confidence.”

Julia Wood, Covenant Health Therapy Center Patient

covenant health therapy center patient poses for a picture
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“I honestly can’t believe how quick it was. After two to three weeks, my back was feeling better, and now it feels great.”

Sarah Field, Covenant Health Therapy Center Patient

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“Everyone there is so friendly and encouraging. I really appreciate that.”

Elizabeth White, Covenant Health Therapy Center Patient

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