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Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist

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With our top-quality cancer care and treatment services, you’re never alone when you’re battling cancer in Tennessee

If you or a loved one receive a cancer diagnosis, it can be difficult to know where to turn, and how to get the help and support you need. 

 Thankfully, the Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN offers expert cancer care and cutting-edge medical support to those experiencing cancer in Eastern Tennessee.

The Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist offers a high level of cancer care services, including state of the art cancer treatments and wellness services, designed to care for the whole patient.

People diagnosed with cancer typically enter treatment at Methodist Medical Center through physician referral to an appropriate specialist on our staff. 

For many of our patients, their optimal treatment includes surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. 

Our Patient Navigation portal is available to help some of our patients with cancer to navigate the diagnosis and referral process.

Why Trust Your Comprehensive Cancer Care Services in Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge?

When you or a loved one need cutting edge cancer treatments, supportive service and resources, and expert, compassionate care in Tennessee, the Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist Medical Center is your top choice for the comprehensive cancer care services you need and deserve.

We offer our patients and their loved ones an array of beneficial services, to provide support and assistance as you navigate your cancer journey, while receiving the best care possible at our convenient East Tennessee facility.

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Cancer Care and Treatment Services Offered through Methodist Medical and Thompson Cancer Survival Center in Oak Ridge, TN

At Thompson Center Survival Center and Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, we’re committed to offering the people of East Tennessee and beyond the top-quality cancer care services and treatment they need.

Our wide range of cancer care and support service offerings include—

Radiation Therapy
Our Cancer Care Patient Navigation Portal
Cancer Support Services
Palliative Care Consultation Service
Managing Radiation-Induced Lymphedema
Dietary Support for Cancer
The Hospitality Houses: Manly House, CALM House, and UT-Battelle/Pro2Serve House
The Cancer Support Community

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