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Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Parkwest Medical Center

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Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Parkwest Medical Center

Parkwest Medical Center offers a variety of robotic-assisted surgical options for our surgical patients. Our surgeons who perform robotic-assisted procedures are specially-trained and certified on each available platform they use. Using robotic-assisted platforms allows our surgeons to pre-plan each procedure, and make adjustments as needed for each patient’s anatomy.

What is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery is minimally invasive and a highly effective alternative to some traditional surgery. There are different types of surgical robots that can be used in a wide variety of surgical procedures – everything from joint replacements to hysterectomies.

With this innovative procedure, a surgeon uses a robotic arm to manipulate hand controls to perform an operation while viewing 3D, high-resolution images on a computer screen. The cameras and surgical instruments are powered by state of the art robotic technology.

Technology can never replace the experience of our skilled surgical team. The surgical robotics system is completely under our surgeon’s control and replicates the surgeon’s movements in real time. It cannot be programmed or make decisions on its own. The surgeon controls the robot’s movements, allowing for greater dexterity and access to hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

  • The surgeon can make fine, quick movements, enabling more intricate procedures
  • Patients experience less damage to healthy tissue
  • Patients typically experience less pain, less blood loss and faster post-operative recovery
  • Allows for smaller incisions, reducing the risk of infection and causing minimal scarring
  • Robotic-assisted surgery provides better overall patient outcomes, allowing patients to return to daily activities more quickly
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