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Our Foundations

Claiborne County Healthcare Foundation

The Claiborne County Healthcare Foundation exists to benefit the residents of Claiborne and the surrounding counties by supporting and enhancing the efforts of the Claiborne Medical Center, a community-owned healthcare organization committed to improving the health of the community by providing high-quality and cost-effective health care services. The Foundation seeks to promote increased participation, understanding, and communication between Claiborne Medical Center and the community it serves.

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Fort Sanders Foundation

Fort Sanders Foundation provides support and manages contributions for the programs and services of Fort Sanders Regional, Parkwest, Fort Loudoun, and Roane medical centers, Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, Peninsula, Covenant HomeCare/Hospice and other Covenant affiliates and programs. All staff members of the Fort Sanders Foundation provide support to the Office of Philanthropy and the other foundations.

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Methodist Medical Center Foundation

Methodist Medical Center Foundation manages charitable contributions for the support of Methodist Medical Center and its services such as the Hospitality House, cardiology programs and oncology services.

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Morristown-Hamblen Hospital Foundation

Morristown-Hamblen Hospital Foundation supports Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System in promoting and advancing the well-being of our community by providing quality healthcare and health related services. Its mission is to provide philanthropic support to the health system through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations in the community.

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Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation

Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation is named for a famous Sevier County physician and minister. The Foundation honors Dr. Thomas by supporting the services of LeConte Medical Center through purchases of new technology and funding for building projects and community-based programs.

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Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation

Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation supports ongoing cancer treatment efforts at Thompson Cancer Survival Center and throughout Covenant Health by funding research, community outreach services and patient support.

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