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Cardiology Services at Methodist Medical Center

Award-Winning, Comprehensive Cardiac Care Close to Home

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When it comes to your heart, you need to know it’s in good hands. When you trust your cardiac care to Methodist Medical Center, you’ll receive top-quality, personalized care for what matters most. 

Your heart health is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on providing you with the full continuum of cardiac care services. 

We treat all aspects of heart disease with compassion, care, and expertise. Our award-winning cardiology services are driven by our expert team of dedicated cardiologists, nurses, and technicians. They combine extensive skills with the latest technology in bypass surgery, angioplasty, stenting, emergency treatment, and cardiac rehabilitation.

When you receive cardiac care at Methodist Medical Center, you’ll never have to worry again about getting the top-notch, comprehensive cardiac care you deserve. We’re here for you.

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Offering You The Full Continuum of Cardiac Care

While Methodist Medical Center is recognized as an expert in treating heart valve issues and disorders, we offer cardiac patients the full continuum of cardiac care services in our state of the art facility in Oak Ridge, TN. 

In addition to cutting-edge heart valve treatment capabilities, our facility also specializes in—

  • Urgent cardiac care 
  • Cardiac diagnostic services 
  • Cardiac surgery 
  • Cardiac intervention
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • TAVR

Cardiac Services Offered at Methodist Medical Center

No matter your heart’s needs, we can provide top-quality care for you at Methodist Medical Center. Our award-winning cardiac services are ready to assist you with comprehensive, customized cardiac care.

Our Oak Ridge, TN facility is recognized for providing a wide range of vital cardiac services, including

Cardiac Urgent Care
Cardiac Diagnostic Services
Cardiac Surgery
Cardiac Interventions
Cardiac Rehabilitation

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