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Our full range of clinical services, educational programs, and spiritual and support offerings.

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Learn About The Full Range of Medical and Healthcare Services at LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville, TN

When you call East Tennessee your home, it’s comforting to know you have easy access to the best, most comprehensive medical and healthcare services. Tennesseans like you trust their care to the experts at LeConte Medical Center, offering you a full menu of care services, close to home.

Why Choose LeConte for Your Healthcare Needs?

Sevierville area residents know and trust LeConte Medical Center to care for their health and wellness needs. As a proud member of the Covenant Health family of facilities, LeConte Medical Center represents Tennessee’s best healthcare system.

We’re honored to provide comprehensive medical, surgical, and healthcare services to the Tennessee communities we call home.

Covenant Health LeConte Services

Breast Care

Offering a wide range of top-quality breast health and wellness services, education, and over 65 years of combined clinical experience to keep you healthy and informed.

Comprehensive Breast Center

LeConte’s cardiologists (heart doctors) focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease.


Offering a variety of cardiac diagnostics, cardiology services, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to help you take excellent care of your heart.

Cardiology Services at LeConte
Cardiopulmonary Rehab

LeConte Medical Center’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program helps you get your physical fitness back after a cardiac or pulmonary event through individualized exercise and educational programs.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab
Cancer Services

LeConte Medical Center can provide comprehensive cancer care including the latest technology and a world-class cancer center with Thompson Cancer Survival Center.

Comprehensive Cancer Services
CT or CAT Scan

Experienced staff and quality care with LeConte Medical Center’s ARRT registered technologists will help you feel right at home throughout the CT process..

Computed Axial Tomography
Dolly Parton Center for Women’s Services

All of your vital women’s health and wellness needs including breast health, gynecology, and obstetrics.

Dolly Parton Center for Women’s Services
Emergency Services

Treating over 56,000 patients each year with experienced and caring staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Services
Heart Catheterization

Full-service diagnostic heart catheterization services through a fully-digital Cath Lab.

Heart Catheterization
Imaging and Diagnostic Services

Wide-variety of imaging and diagnostic services to meet your evolving needs.

Imaging Care Services
Intensive Care Unit Services

The Intensive Care Unit features a high-tech and functional unit designed for family comfort and efficient patient care.

Intensive Care Unit
Interventional Radiology

Highly trained to perform minimally invasive IP procedures that can reduce infection rates and recovery times.

Interventional Radiology
Labor and Delivery

State-of-the-art Dolly Parton Birthing Unit in combination with top notch pre-natal care and educational opportunities, ensure a smooth and safe transition into parenthood.

Dolly Parton Birthing Unit
Laboratory Services

Top-quality, comprehensive clinical laboratory testing services are available at LeConte Medical Center.

Lung Cancer Screening

Low-dose lung screenings are performed with advanced technology and caring staff.

Low-Dose Lung Screenings

Experienced staff and quality care with LeConte Medical Center’s ARRT registered technologists will help you feel right at home during your MRI.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Offering both 2D and 3D mammography services to ensure the right care at the right time.

New Beginnings Childbirth Class Services

The New Beginnings Childbirth Class is designed to help expectant parents understand pregnancy, prepare for the childbirth experience at the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit, and care for their newborn.

New Beginnings Childbirth Class Services
Nuclear Medicine

LeConte Medical Center and the team of certified CNMT technologists will guide you effortlessly throughout your procedure with knowledge and care.

Nuclear Medicine

From climbing mountains and running races to sports injuries and nagging pain, the LeConte Medical Center orthopedic care team is here for every moment.

Patient Navigation

A diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming. That’s why LeConte Medical Center offers patients a personal patient navigator.

Patient Navigation
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

At LeConte Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, we diagnose and treat lung disease and chronic conditions.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Physical Therapy

Covenant Health Therapy Center is dedicated to providing exceptional physical therapy and individualized treatment to get you better, faster.

Convenient Locations

Experienced staff and quality care with LeConte Medical Center’s ARRT registered technologists will help you feel right at home throughout the PET/CT process.

Positron Emission Tomography
Pulmonary Function Test

A noninvasive test showing how well the lungs work.

Pulmonary Function Test
Surgical Services

A full array of outpatient and inpatient surgical services.

Surgical Services

LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville is not only close to home, but also offers award-winning stroke care as part of the Covenant Health stroke network.

Sports Medicine

Multidisciplinary approach to care for athletes, providing the East Tennessee area with certified and licensed athletic trainers.

Keeping athletes in the game

Experienced staff and quality care with LeConte Medical Center’s ARDMS registered sonographers will help you feel right at home during your ultrasound procedure.

Virtual Care

Covenant Health offers telehealth opportunities for our patients, with healthcare services available through your computer or mobile device.

Virtual Care
Women’s Services

From new babies to mammograms, the women of Sevier County can trust the women’s care team at LeConte Medical Center.

Women’s Services
Wellness Center

LeConte Wellness Center (located inside Pigeon Forge Community Center) is a full-service gym with treadmills, elliptical trainers, weight machines and free weights.

Kickstart your fitness journey

Our experienced radiology team at LeConte Medical Center will guide you through your x-ray procedure with ease and comfort.


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We are committed to improving the quality of life in East Tennessee through better health. In partnership with our generous donors, Covenant’s 10,000+ employees, physicians, and volunteers are providing outstanding care for our patients and their families.

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