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In a 2017 study, Hongfei Du and Ronnel B. King discovered that positive self-worth is associated with a greater sense of well-being and life satisfaction (Gupta, 2023). Having a positive mental attitude about oneself is not an easy task, especially while leading others. It can be easy to question abilities and skills, but overcoming these doubts starts with knowing your worth. As a leader, knowing and understanding your worth can have a profound impact on the effectiveness and the success of the teams he or she leads. This tip will explore why it is essential for leaders to know their worth and will provide information on how this knowledge can benefit not only leaders but everyone around them.

Knowing your worth starts with knowing yourself. In complex a work environment with many requests, tasks to complete, and instructions to follow, a leader needs internal guidance. This internal guidance can be cultivated through taking inventory of past life experiences and examining each experience to understand what values were learned through it. Difficult questions can also be considered such as, “What do I need to do to improve my abilities to move this team or organization forward?”, and “What gives me the courage to continue in the face of uncertainty and adversity (Kouzes & Posner, 2017)?” Going through these self-audit techniques can help leaders develop self-awareness and identify key strengths and potential weaknesses. Our Learning and Leadership Development department also offers great classes that discuss intricate topics such as Emotional Intelligence and Crucial Conversations in order to help people grow. Although time is precious, taking a few minutes each day to reflect on challenging and enjoyable experiences in the past will allow individuals to lead others in the future.

Once a leader knows and leverages their own worth, the possibilities are endless. Some of these possibilities include delegating with more confidence, building an atmosphere of respect, and walking through adversity with poise (Bridge Between, 2023). As a leader gains self-awareness and is able to pinpoint areas of struggle, he or she can be secure in delegating roles for certain assignments. Instead of directing a project with apprehension, not knowing if personal skills will be enough, the leader can step forward in confidence while empowering the rest of the team. Another way to inspire team members is through fostering a respectful environment. Hurtful and disrespectful comments often stem from low self-esteem. In order to feel better about themselves, people choose to tear others down. However, if the team leader is setting the tone by knowing their own worth and encouraging the rest of the team to do the same, those harmful remarks are less likely to surface. Finally, knowing one’s worth can help with dealing with disappointment and adversity. Conflict will arise and failure will come, but if a person knows their own value and reflects on past experiences that have been impactful, the path forward will be a little clearer. Instead of thinking destructive thoughts, those in leadership can remain confident and make a tangible plan for success.

A positive mental attitude and knowing one’s worth are essential traits for effective leadership. However, the knowledge of one’s worth extends beyond leadership—it has a ripple effect on everyone around them. When leaders possess a positive mental attitude and understand their value, they embolden others while fostering a more supportive and collaborative culture.




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