To the Employees of Covenant Health,

As we enter this Thanksgiving season, our LLD team would like to express our appreciation for your outstanding leadership and commitment to our patients and to Covenant Health. You are counted in our blessings as we reflect on giving thanks this season!  You who work side-by-side with your team to ensure they feel well-equipped to be successful.  You who coach your team members and prepare them for a future leadership role.  You who care for the suffering, the hurting, those in need.  And you who care for those that are caring.  We are grateful for you and all you do every day to show love and concern for our patients, families, neighbors, and those passing through our region.  Thank you!

We wanted to share a few links to some items on gratitude that you can discuss with your team and family this season – enjoy!

Joy 101 – Hallerin Hilton Hill

The Thanksgiving Reader

Gratitude Toolkit – Scott Colby – All Documents (
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Happy Thanksgiving!


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