Giving groups greater outcomes in health and wellness

Studies show that merely providing wellness programs for employees is not enough to significantly impact health and lower costs. Population health interventions and behavior modification programs that address individual health needs are imperative to making real and lasting changes.

Population Health Management provides employers with information to make evidence-based decisions, while giving employees the knowledge and opportunities to actually manage and improve their health.

What does Covenant Health provide?

  • Confidential, evidence-based personal health surveys. 
  • A professional onsite biometric team provides screenings and lab tests for all individuals. 
  • Customized personal health reports for all individuals. (Our software can create more than one million algorithms for true customization.) 
  • An aggregate analysis for employers to identify highest risks and target investments. 
  • Consultation and solutions recommendations based on the aggregate report. 
  • Connecting individuals with local providers, services, and screenings to increase personal knowledge and take action to prevent or improve disease management for conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. 
  • Results tracking and trending of annual data, regardless of insurance carrier changes. 
  • Ongoing consultation using data to pinpoint any program gaps, so that programming can be redirected as necessary.

How Can I Make the Most of Population Health?

  1. Commit a minimum of three to five years to the process. Be sure to establish timelines and parameters.
  2. Communicate thoroughly and often to employees, outlining the goals and benefits of the program. Employees should be assured that their personal health information is confidential and not accessible to their employer or insurer. Covenant Health is happy to assist with these communications.
  3. Upper- and mid-level management should demonstrate commitment by being the first to sign up for the program (even if it is mandatory for all employees). To help keep enthusiasm high over time, share personal progress with employees.
  4. Work with Covenant’s team to ensure participation in the Personal Health Survey and in health screenings to obtain biometric data. Review the aggregate results, strategize and execute the health initiative.
  5. Track progress and measure aggregate results. Adjust program components as needed.

Personalized workplace care for better health

Our Population Health Management implementation is simple and can be tailored to match a wide range of needs once a strategy is determined. Collecting information and analyzing data both for individuals and for the aggregate employee group is an informative step and supports an excellent partnership in the continuum of care.

Services Offered at Our [Facility Type]

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • [Tailor to facility with specific treatment options, etc.]

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