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Robotic Surgical Assistant

Parkwest offers a variety of robotic surgery options for our orthopedic and spine patients.

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robot surgical assistant

Orthopedic Robotic Surgical Assistant

Parkwest offers a a variety of robotic-assisted surgical options for our orthopedic and spine patients. Our surgeons who perform robotic-assisted procedures are specially-trained and certified on each available platform they use.

Your surgeon has been specially trained to use this system in order to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. It’s important to understand that the robot does not operate on its own. That means it does not move unless your surgeon prompts it to. Your surgeon is still in the operating room the entire time and is making all of the decisions throughout your surgery.

How the Technology Works

This system utilizes a camera and optical trackers attached to your leg to know exactly where your knee is in space. Think of it like a very detailed global positioning system (GPS) that you might use in your car.

This helps ensure that the plan your surgeon put into place is executed as intended. Throughout your surgery, the system provides your surgeon with data about your knee. This information, combined with your surgeon’s skill, helps them know how to position your implant based on your unique anatomy.

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