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Oncology & Post-surgical Unit at Parkwest

The Oncology and Post-surgical Unit houses patients with various diagnoses.

Male physician explains surgery results to female patient in the hospital.


Located on the second floor of the Dogwood wing (aka “2 Dogwood”), our Oncology and Post-surgical Unit at Parkwest houses patients with a variety of medical diagnoses and also serves as a general post-surgical floor.

Providing You with Exceptional Oncology Care

The Oncology Unit offers a comprehensive approach to your care. We minimize disruptions that could interfere with your care and healing and maximize our clinical quality and efficiency to serve you. If you or your loved one is fighting cancer, be assured that our Oncology Unit provides the most complete and exceptional oncology care available.

Our oncologists and other staff in the unit are highly skilled at providing excellent, compassionate care. Many of our RNs also have oncology certifications and are trained in administering chemotherapy with the correct medication, in the proper dosage cycle, every time to help you in your fight.   

parkwest campus floor map

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