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What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a primary care medical professional, well-trained in caring for the needs of a hospitalized patient, who will medically manage every aspect of your hospital care. They manage patients in all areas of the hospital, including the intensive care units, medical units and surgical units. They do not have office practices and specialize in in-patient care. During your stay at Morristown-Hamblen, members of the Hospitalists Service Team will take care of you and your family members.

The Hospitalist Will

  • Keep you, your family, and your personal physician well informed about your hospital stay, treatment, and discharge.
  • Order diagnostic tests and medications
  • Closely monitor your condition
  • Make treatment decisions
  • Coordinate your care among other members of the hospital’s medical staff
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Why are Hospitalists taking care of me instead of my regular doctor?

Your hospitalists are part of a team of primary care providers who take care of you in the hospital if you have no primary care doctor, if you see a non-local doctor who does not admit to this hospital, or if you see a doctor who has chosen to have an office-based only practice and no longer sees patients at this hospital. Because your regular physician must spend time in a private office seeing other patients, he/she has a limited amount of time to care for patients in the hospital. The hospitalists service allows your personal physician to focus more time with patients during office visits and, through coordination between your personal physician and our hospitalists, provide superior care and customer service.

Our hospitalists are in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because they are hospital-based, they are able to immediately respond to test results, studies, or unexpected changes in your condition at any time, day or night. The hospitalists are readily available to you and generally can respond quickly whenever you or a family member has a question or concern.

You have the benefit of accessible, high-quality care all day, every day.


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