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Katerpillar Kids Camp: Volunteer FAQs

Every year, Katerpillar Kids Camp accepts 30-40 volunteers. Because of the unique skill set required to become a staff member, our Covenant Hospice staff screens applicants and selects those who are best suited to help our campers through the grieving process.

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Our Katerpillar Kids Camp Volunteer FAQs can help you understand what’s in store for your time at camp. If you have additional questions, reach out to us! 

When is the Katerpillar Kids Camp?
What is the time commitment for Katerpillar Kids Camp volunteers?
What is the time commitment during the days of Katerpillar Kids Camp?
Where is Katerpillar Kids Camp held?
Do campers stay overnight?
How do volunteers help at Katerpillar Kids Camp?
Are there other opportunities to volunteer?

How do I get more information about the Katerpillar Kids Camp?

Getting additional information for the Katerpillar Kids Camp is easy! Either visit our homepage or reach out to us via phone.

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