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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a post-surgery program designed to meet individual needs with exercise, education counseling, and a support network. This is an important part of recovery from open heart surgery. YOUR CARDIOLOGIST AND SURGEON RECOMMEND YOU PARTICIPATE IN CARDIAC REHAB TO ENHANCE YOUR RECOVERY PROCESS. While in rehabilitation, your physician will regularly review your progress.

There are three phases of cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab Phase 1

Phase 1 of cardiac rehabilitation actually begins while you are in the hospital.  You will learn about activity guidelines, eating a heart healthy diet, and lifestyle modification. Phase 1 is designed to increase your activity and prepare you for discharge.

Before you are released to go home, you will be scheduled for outpatient cardiac rehab (Phase 2) between two and four weeks after surgery. 

Cardiac Rehab Phase 2

A cardiac rehabilitation nurse and exercise physiologist will review your health history and insurance benefits at your initial appointment to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.

You will be enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation three days a week lasting anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

You will participate in exercise classes with other heart patients in a safe environment that allows the healthcare team to monitor your heart rate and rhythm response to the exercise workload. Your progress will be assessed throughout the program.  As you become stronger, the staff will adjust your program to fit your individual needs. Information will be provided to your doctor about your progress.

A variety of education classes on how to live a heart healthy lifestyle will be provided by cardiac nurses, dietitians, exercise physiologists and pharmacists.

Cardiac Rehab Phase 3

Phase 3 of cardiac rehabilitation is a “maintenance” phase that you can choose to enroll in after Phase 2 is completed. This is a way to keep exercising and to continue learning about your existing heart condition.

You will no longer be monitored on a heart monitor, but the healthcare team is there to continue to provide you with guidance and support.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Covenant Health Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Anderson County*

Methodist Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation
(865) 835-5235

Hamblen County*

Morristown Hamblen
(423) 492-5210

Knox County*

Parkwest Cardiac Rehab
(865) 531-5560

Fort Sanders Cardiac Rehab
(865) 541-1250

Loudon County

Fort Loudon Cardiac Rehabilitation
(865) 271-6030

Roane County*

Roane Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation
(865) 316-2825

Sevier County*

LeConte Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation
(865) 446-8500

Area Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Blount County

Blount Hospital Cardiopulmonary and Medical Fitness
(865) 977-4748

Bradley County

Sky Ridge Medical Center
(423) 559-6032

Claiborne County

Claiborne County Hospital
(423) 526-2191

Cumberland County

Cumberland Medical Center
(931) 459-7379

McMinn County*

Columbia/Athens Regional Medical Center
(423) 744-3321

Putnam County

Cookeville Regional Medical Center
(931) 783-2689

Rhea County

Rhea Medical Center
(423) 775-8673

* These clinics hold a national certification by the American Association of Cardiovascular and  Pulmonary Rehabilition for consistent clinical outcomes for heart patients.