Emily Ambrose honored with the DAISY Award

A nurse at Peninsula Hospital was honored today with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. The DAISY Award was established in 1999 by the family of a patient who had received extraordinary care and compassion from his nurses during his final days. Congratulations to Emily for being recognized with the DAISY award. Emily was nominated by her co-workers for the kindness and compassion that she shows to her patients daily.

Emily is pictured here with her DAISY bouquet after leadership team presented her DAISY award.
Emily pictured with her DAISY bouquet.

Emily’s Nomination

“Emily is a fantastic nurse and goes above and beyond for not just her patients but for her co-workers as well. Earlier in the week we were short a nurse and had to pull the nurse from admissions to work the floor. Because that nurse doesn’t pass meds often she could not get into the Omnicell. After working with IT, Emily suggested that she would pass the medications for all 24 patients if the other nurse would check in with the patients. All medications were passed out without a single error and all on time.

Emily was also recognized for helping a co-worker who had never done discharges before.

Emily was commended for always paying close attention to the medications she is giving to make sure they are correct for the patients and has caught some that because of side effects should not be given to that patient and notified the physician.

Another specific example of Emily’s care and compassion was witnessed by co-workers on Christmas day. One of her patients was due to discharge but was unable to obtain their own transportation and the transport service that the hospital uses was not operating on that holiday. The plan was going to be to discharge the patient the following day, but Emily took it upon herself to drive the patient to their home because she wanted them to be home on Christmas Day. She got approval from administration and then went out of her way after her shift ended to drop the patient off at their destination.”

Nurses may be nominated by patients, families, and colleagues, and they are chosen by a committee at Parkwest Medical Center to receive The DAISY Award. To nominate a nurse today visit www.TreatedWell.com/DAISY.

Emily is pictured with leadership team and DAISY banner after receiving DAISY Award.
Emily pictured with her leadership team after receiving DAISY Award.

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