Resolve to Solve – a Team Problem-Solving/Ideation Workshop


Paths Employee Development
Leadership Development

Held at Centerpoint - Learning and Leadership Development Building A

Taught by Scot Bolz

Start 2024 off With This Innovative Team Workshop

Resolve to Solve

This limited-time educational opportunity will bring LLD to your facility for an ideation/problem-solving event with your team. While identifying and tackling your biggest barriers for 2023, you will learn ideation and problem-solving techniques that you can utilize over and over again. These include:

  • Brainwriting
  • Brainwalking
  • Questionstorming
  • 5 why
  • Affinity maps
  • Moonshots
  • From flop to fop
  • More

Sessions will be limited to teams of 5-8. Please note, this opportunity is not a set class scheduled at a specific date and time. We work with you to set up a date and time that works best for your team. 

After going through the ideation tools, you and your team will leave with hundreds of divergent ideas. These generated ideas are collected electronically during the workshop using our polling software. This allows LLD to provide you with a pdf report or excel file that you can review or share after the event.

The availability of this workshop is limited. Register today


This workshop helped us uncover multiple employee engagement opportunities we could implement and taught us some great tools to use to use when brainstorming with our frontline teams.

Loved collecting the groups ideas through the polling software. Very innovative!

Scot did an exceptional job leading us through this workshop. He asked multiple questions that forced our group to think more creatively about our barriers.

Course Materials

Empathy Map

SWOT Worksheet

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