BEE Award Winner: Ricky Maldonado

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Congratulations to Ricky Maldonado from Dietary Services for being presented with the BEE Award. He was nominated for his positive attitude and for treating patients and their families with love and care. Read his nominations below:

Ricky’s Nominations

Ricky pictured with his BEE certificate.

“Ricky is pure joy. Sometimes a warm smile and kind word can make all of the difference to a patient and their family during a stressful time. Ricky greeted us every day with a positive, upbeat attitude and told us jokes. He also reminded us the food he was bringing was nutritious and delicious. His smiling face was covered by his protective mask but his eyes smiled too, so it was easy to tell that this man loved his job. We loved our entire experience with Ricky and we feel that he should be recognized. Ricky is a rare blessing and we believe that he is most deserving of this award.”

Nominated by: Patient’s family member

“My mom is currently in the hospital and Ricky took the time to make sure her meals were correct and wrote everything down, so things were not forgotten again. She’s a diabetic and has a special food schedule. He also joked around with her and was so polite. He didn’t have to do that but he did.”

Nominated by: Patient’s family member

More About The BEE Award

Parkwest implemented The BEE (Being Exceptional Every day) Award to recognize employees who aren’t RNs and LPNs (they can be nominated for The DAISY Award). A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY! Nominate someone for a BEE Award today!

Ricky pictured with his supervisor and members of senior leadership team.
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