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Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

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Below you will find important instructions for your surgery at TN Brain and Spine. You should have received a card at your appointment indicating which post-operative instructions to follow in addition to the pre-operative instructions. Please call us at (865) 331-2835 if you have any questions.

Pre-Operative Instructions

  1. You will be given an anesthesia appointment 1-2 weeks prior to surgery. You must keep this appointment or your surgery will be cancelled.
  2. You must be without food or water after midnight the night prior to surgery unless otherwise instructed.
  3. You must discontinue any Aspirin products, anti-inflammatories, or any blood thinners at least 7 days prior to surgery.
  4. If you are scheduled for a craniotomy, do not shave your head prior to surgery. You may have your hair cut to a shorter length if you so desire.
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