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If Sleep Issues Disrupt Your Life, Trust Your Care to the Experts at Roane Medical Center’s Sleep Center

Sleep is vital to your health, wellness, and peace of mind. If you struggle to regulate your sleep cycles, fall asleep, or stay asleep, the professionals at Roane Medical Center’s Sleep Center can help you. 

Sleep disorders can become a disruptive force in your life, affecting your daily routines, plans, and your overall health. While many people experience temporary changes in their normal sleep patterns, these issues are usually short-lived, and resolve by themselves over time. 

When sleep issues persist or fail to resolve, you can be left feeling constantly exhausted. Sleep issues can impact your ability to fall asleep, and can cause you to wake during the night. Persistent sleep issues can also lead you to fall asleep during the day, or fail to feel refreshed by your sleep. 

If you’re experiencing sleep issues like these, you may need to be professionally evaluated.

Thankfully, the experts at the Sleep Center at Roane Medical Center are ready to offer you top-quality care to improve your sleep. The best part? You can receive the sleep care you need close to home.

Why Choose Roane Medical Sleep Center for Your Sleep Care Needs?

When you can’t get the quality sleep you need, it can negatively affect your entire life. That’s why the team at Roane Medical Center is committed to offering exceptional care for people with all types of sleep disorders.

When you struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep, it can lead to serious health and wellness consequences. We’re committed to helping the people of Roane County and all of Tennessee get the customized sleep evaluation and treatment they need to resolve any sleep issues and disorders—quickly and completely. 

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When you trust your care to the experts at Roane Medical’s Sleep Center, you’ll also access care that’s—

  • Comfortable—We want you to feel at ease during your visit, so we conduct our sleep studies in a cozy,  restful atmosphere. You’ll feel cared for in a place that feels like home. 
  • Personalized—We promote individualized patient care, by offering treatment options that satisfy your needs. Your Sleep Center treatment will be customized just for you. 
  • Informative—We want you to understand your results and our recommendations, so we’ll provide you with specific information about your disorder and answer any questions you may have. 

Roane Medical Center’s Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and offers advanced testing for sleep disorders in our comfortable, conveniently-located facility. 

As the only hospital-based sleep lab in Roane County, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible patient care experience and results.  

Our board-certified sleep specialist can assess all types of sleep disorders, and provide evaluation and assistance for personalized treatment plans. Our registered and licensed polysomnographic technicians with advanced training will conduct your sleep study.

Learn More about the Services Offered at Roane Medical’s Sleep Center

If you’re struggling with the effects of a sleep issue or disorder, it can be difficult to know where to turn. At Roane Medical Center, we’re here to offer you all the information you need to make the best, most informed health and wellness decisions for you.  

We offer you the following resources to help you better understand sleep disorders and whether our Sleep Center services are right for you—

If you think you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, ask your primary care physician about a referral to Roane Medical Center’s Sleep Center.

Most insurance companies provide coverage for evaluation of sleep disorders. Contact your insurance company for details on your policy’s specific conditions.


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