Your Stay in the Intensive Care Unit at Covenant Health

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You deserve answers to all your questions about your time in one of our Covenant Health intensive care units

If you’ve had a heart surgery at a Covenant Health medical facility in East Tennessee, you may well have questions about what your stay in our intensive care unit will entail. 

Because we believe knowledge is power when it comes to healthcare—we’re here to assist and support you by offering you all the information you need to understand your stay in one of our top-quality Covenant Health intensive care units in Tennessee

Immediately after your surgery, you will be taken to the intensive care unit and cared for by a highly-trained group of nurses, working under the direction of your heart surgeon and their physician assistants. 

Your team of nurses, nursing assistants, and respiratory therapists will provide care for you, throughout your stay in the intensive care unit. Your surgeon will evaluate you daily and be available to speak with you and your family.

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You can trust your intensive care needs to the experts at Covenant Health

When you have heart surgery or another medical issue in East Tennessee, it’s comforting to know that you have easy access to the very best in intensive care services, through your network of Covenant Health medical service providers. We’re East Tennessee’s top choice for comprehensive, customized, cutting-edge healthcare services. 

Our award-winning Tennessee hospital system considers it an honor to meet the needs of the Tennessee communities we’re proud to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intensive Care Services at Covenant Health

We understand you may have many questions and concerns, when you’re contemplating your surgery and subsequent intensive care stay at one of our Covenant Health medical facilities in Tennessee

We are here for you, from start to finish. And we want to ensure you feel confident and have the answers you need about your care. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about our systems and protocols in our Covenant Health intensive care units—


Will I be on a ventilator (breathing machine)?
How will I communicate my needs?
Will I be in pain after my surgery?
Covenant Health’s Tips About Pain Medication
Can I have anything to eat or drink?
Am I going to be connected to any monitors?
What is a chest tube?
Why do I have a pacemaker?
Will I have a catheter?
What is in my wrist?
Why am I on insulin? I’m not diabetic.
When will I be allowed to get out of bed?
How long will I be in the ICU?
What happens before I leave the ICU?

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