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Critical Care

We understand that patients admitted to critical care areas need specialized care due to their level of sickness and unique medical needs. Select a facility on the right to learn more about their critical care and ICU services.

Critical Care Team


Each patient has a primary physician (the one who admitted the patient) and may have one or more specialists consulted. Since pulmonology deals with diseases of the respiratory tract and respiratory disease, pulmonologists often treat critical care patients.

Registered nurses

Our critical care nurses are trained to meet the needs of a critical care patient, including how to operate special medical equipment. A nurse is present at all times to watch the monitors, give care and quickly assist patients. Nurses make rounds many times a day giving special care, monitoring patients’ blood pressure and pulses, and assessing their lungs, heart, stomach, and other important body functions. They also perform electrocardiograms (EKGs) and draw blood for lab work.

Respiratory therapists

Respiratory therapists set up oxygen, give special breathing treatments, and make ventilator changes as ordered by the physician.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

CNA’s help the nurses by checking vital signs, bathing patients, changing linen, answering call lights, transporting and assisting with procedures. They also perform EKGs and draw blood for lab work.

Special needs – Social Worker

If you need assistance with parking, prescriptions or anything else, ask the receptionist or nurse to contact a social worker for you.


Chaplains are available at any time. If you would like to speak with one, ask the receptionist or nurse to call. We also have a chapel that you may visit at any time. It is located on the lobby level.

Other team members

Other Critical Care team members include dietitians, pharmacists, case manager/coordinators and physical therapists.