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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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What is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Methodist Medical Center’s robotic program was established in 2007. Robotic-assisted procedures at Methodist include general surgeries such as hernia repairs, colectomies and cholecystectomies, as well as urologic and gynecologic procedures.

Robotic-assisted surgery is minimally invasive and a highly effective alternative to some traditional surgery. There are different types of surgical robots that can be used in a wide variety of surgical procedures – everything from joint replacements to hysterectomies.

With this innovative procedure, a surgeon uses a robotic arm to manipulate hand controls to perform an operation while viewing 3D, high-resolution images on a computer screen. The high resolution cameras and micro-surgical instruments are powered by state of the art robotic technology. 

Technology can never replace the experience of our skilled surgical team. The surgical robotics system is completely under our surgeon’s control and replicates the surgeon’s movements in real time. It cannot be programmed or make decisions on its own. The surgeon controls the robot’s movements, allowing for greater dexterity and access to hard-to-reach areas of the body.


  • The surgeon can make fine, quick movements, enabling more intricate procedures
  • Patients experience less damage to healthy tissue
  • Patients typically experience less pain, less blood loss and faster post-operative recovery 
  • Allows for smaller incisions, reducing the risk of infection and causing minimal scarring
  • Robotic-assisted surgery provides better overall patient outcomes, allowing patients to return to daily activities more quickly
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Robotic-Assisted Services Available at Methodist Medical Center

At Methodist, under the skilled expertise of specially training surgeons, robotic-assisted surgery can be used to treat areas such as:

  • Urology
  • Colorectal
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Joint Replacement
  • Oncology

Methodist Medical Center Patient Success Stories

Robotic-Assisted Procedure Leads to Happy Ending for MMC Patient

Mindy and John were familiar with the excellent medical care pro­vided at Methodist Medi­cal Center of Oak Ridge, so when Mindy suddenly awoke one cold morning in January with excruciating abdominal pain, she knew where to go.

“My husband took me to the ER at Methodist,” Jennings says. “It was de­termined that I had a per­forated bowel and needed emergency surgery. We arrived around 8:50 in the morning and I was in sur­gery by 10:30 a.m.”

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10 Out of 10 – Would Recommend!

Earlier this year, Perle Sorah had pain in his lower abdomen and knew something wasn’t right. “I had noticed a hernia on the right side, but sort of ignored it,” Sorah says. He sought treatment with Marc Campbell, DO, board-certified general surgeon at Methodist Medical Center. For Sorah, Dr. Campbell performed a minimally invasive robotic repair of bilateral inguinal hernias with mesh. Sorah says, “I followed all the instructions for lifting and whatnot. Now I am doing everything I want to do, like weed eating and mowing the yard. I am appreciative that he did what he said he would do.”

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