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Mental Health Services

Covenant Health provides mental health services through Peninsula Behavioral Health, a division of Parkwest Medical Center.

Peninsula’s mental health services offer a wide range of options for those seeking support. These services range from twelve step meetings and inpatient hospitalization services to intensive outpatient treatment programs. Because different issues affect each person at different stages of their lives, our programs, support groups and 12 step meetings are tailored to meet those needs.

Peninsula programs and services include:

  • Peninsula Hospital – a 24-hour, 155-bed treatment center in Blount County that provides inpatient mental health and alcohol/drug crisis stabilization services for adults, adolescents and children.
  • Peninsula Outpatient Centers – an outpatient, community-based alternative to inpatient treatment with several facilities around the East Tennessee area. Peninsula Lighthouse’s intensive outpatient program is a four-to-five-day per-week program that provides a more concentrated level of care than traditional outpatient sessions. Each treatment day is three to four hours in duration and provides group therapy and educational sessions. 
    • Alcoholics Anonymous – 12 step support group for those recovering from alcoholism. 
    • Family Support Recovery Group – Recovery effects more than just the addict. Covenant Health offers many support groups for family members of recovering addicts. 
    • Narcotics Anonymous – 12 step support group for those recovering from drug addiction. 
    • Post Partum Depression – feeling sad, anxious, afraid, or confused. These feelings do not go away within a week and they may get worse. When this happens it is called postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can start right after the baby is born or begin weeks later. It can be a serious problem and needs treatment. 
    • Solitary Men Grief Support Group – This support group is designed to meet the needs of men who have lost a loved one. The structure of this group is meant to aid men through the grieving process, as they are often reluctant to show emotions. 
    • Senior Women’s Support Group (SOWING) – women age 55 and older designed to help senior women to cope with the unique stressors associated with changing roles.

For more information, call Peninsula Behavioral Health today at (865) 970-9800.