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Katerpillar Kids Camp Volunteer Positions

Katerpillar Kids Camp has four positions that are important for our campers’ safety and each camp’s success. Our volunteers are specifically chosen because of their unique qualities and aptitude for their position. If you are interested in being part of Katerpillar Kids Camp, a one-on-one meeting with the camp coordinator is required. The camp coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting after your application is received and screened.

Let’s explore each volunteer opportunity.  

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Clinical Group Leader (CGL)

The CGL leads group times when talking about death and grieving. This leader also is available for one-on-one counseling if a camper needs it. Additionally, the CGL supports the Organizational Group Leader with their responsibilities.


  1. Past clinical training, for example, a social worker, therapist, chaplain, pastor, school counselor or a college student training for a clinical field.
  2. Experience or desire to work with children.

Organizational Group Leader (OGL)

The OGL is responsible for ensuring the campers are at the right place at the right time with all supplies necessary to make the weekend a success. OGLs are also responsible for ensuring campers’ arrival by bus or car.  Additionally, they will support the Clinical Group Leaders and their responsibilities.


  1. Previous Katerpillar Kids Camp experience
  2. Experience or desire to work with children

Group Volunteers

The group volunteer supports both categories of leaders. Their primary responsibilities are ensuring the campers follow the camp’s weekend plan. 

Panel Volunteers

These volunteers are in high school or college, or are recent college graduates who have experienced loss and are comfortable sharing their experiences with others on a public panel. Panel volunteers participate with junior high or high school groups. 

Have Questions about Katerpillar Kids Camp? 

If you are a volunteer or interested in becoming a volunteer, the volunteer FAQs may help answer some of your questions.

Check Out Volunteer FAQs

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