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Katerpillar Kids Camp: Camper FAQ

Every year, dozens of campers arrive at Katerpillar Kids Camp to overcome the grief of a loss through shared activities with others who have had a similar experience. Campers in grades 1 through 12 receive guided grief counseling to help them cope with and express their feelings about their loss. At the same time, they enjoy new activities and new friends in a supportive and safe environment with trained volunteers.  

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Utilize Katerpillar Kids Camp Volunteer FAQs to help you understand what’s in store for your time at camp. If you have additional questions, reach out to us after browsing the FAQs.


How much does Katerpillar Kids Camp cost?
Who is Katerpillar Kids Camp for?
Do campers stay overnight?
What type of clothes should the camper wear?
Can I call my camper while they are at camp?
Where do I drop off my camper for bus transportation?
When do I pick up my camper?
Can older teen campers drive themselves to camp?
Where is Covenant Health West?
My camper is on medications that they need to take during the day; can they bring them to camp?
What group will my camper be in?
What type of activities will the campers do?

What if I have more questions?

We welcome all of your questions. We know you want the best for your child and are happy to address any concerns you have. Please visit our homepage or call us for additional information.

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