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Healthcare for Women from Providers who Care

At Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center we treat the moms, sisters and daughters of East Tennessee with the specialized, comprehensive care women need and deserve.

Our team of physicians will work with you to address a variety of common women’s health issues, including menstruation, contraception, maternal health, childbirth, and breast cancer. Other treatments available here also address women’s health and medical conditions including hormone therapy, heart disease, and osteoporosis. 

And if you’re pregnant or hoping to become so, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can plan for and go through your entire pre and postnatal care with us as your trusted provider. We provide top-notch care for those experiencing high-risk pregnancies and need the very best in supportive pre and postnatal care. 

Women’s Health Services Offered at Fort Sanders Regional

We believe you deserve the very best in comprehensive, customized healthcare. At Fort Sanders Regional, we’ll ensure you have access to all the women’s health and wellness services you need to thrive. 

Women’s health services offered include:

  • Prenatal and postnatal care 
  • Hormone therapy
  • Contraceptive care 
  • Breast cancer treatment 
  • Maternal health and wellness 
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Childbirth
  • Gynecological services including healthy menstruation support
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Gynecology Care Services
Maternity Services
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Experiencing a High-Risk Pregnancy? Get the Prenatal and Postnatal Care You and Your Baby Need

When you’re facing a high-risk pregnancy and birth, it can be a concerning and stressful time for you and your baby. 

At Fort Sanders Regional, we’re uniquely suited to provide top-quality care for high-risk pregnancies. 

As a proud member of the prestigious Covenant Health family of healthcare facilities, our special partnership allows high-risk mothers to start their pregnancy with Fort Sanders Perinatal Center, deliver here at Fort Sanders Regional, and stay with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for neonatal intensive care and pediatric services as babies grow and develop.

Safe Sleep & Award Winning Services

Fort Sanders Regional is a Safe Sleep Certified Hospital. In 2023, Cribs for Kids recognized Fort Sanders Regional as a Gold Safe Sleep Hospital for providing education and vital tools about safe sleep to the parents of newborns. 

In 2020, Tennessee had 495 babies die before reaching their first birthday. Of this, 25 percent of these deaths were due to sleep-related causes.

Ensure your baby’s safety by practicing safe sleeping habits. The Safe Sleep Academy is an online resource for how everyone can help keep their newborn safe while sleeping. This is a vital measure in preventing infant-related deaths.

In 2019, Fort Sanders Regional was among four Covenant Health hospitals that earned the “BEST for Babies” award from the Tennessee Hospital Association and the Tennessee Department of Health. This award celebrated 18 hospitals across the state for our efforts to reduce infant deaths and improve the health of Tennessee’s newborns.

In addition to our awards and accolades for maternity care and newborn care, our maternity ward also features:

  • Triage rooms for women experiencing problems or signs of early labor
  • Antepartum suites for women who need extended hospital stays before delivery
  • Labor and delivery suites, complete with showers for maximum comfort during labor
  • Mother/Baby rooms, where new moms can recover and greet loved ones
  • Our recently renovated nursery, featuring 
    • Our well-baby nursery
    • Our observation nursery for babies who need extra attention
    • Our isolation nursery for babies who need quiet, private time
  • Quiet time throughout the floor
  • Attractive decor, comfortable furniture and gorgeous mountain views


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Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is a proud member of Covenant Health, our region’s top-performing healthcare network. To learn more about women’s healthcare and treatment, and find resources near you, visit our full list of women’s health facilities today.


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