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Female radiologist reviews mammogram results with senior female patient.
Two mammography techs pose next to mammography equipment.

Mammograms with Our Breast Center

One out of seven women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

The good news is most cancers found in their earliest stages are curable. Ninety-six percent of women treated for early stage breast cancer are disease-free five years after diagnosis. The best and earliest way to detect breast cancer is through mammography, which can detect smaller cancers than those detected during examination by a physician or nurse.

Mammograms are a special x-ray of the breast tissue. They allow radiologists to see the internal structure of the breasts and can reveal abnormal growths at their earliest stages. CUMC Breast Center was the first center in the area to use 3D and Digital Mammography with Computer Aided Detection.

What Are Screening Mammograms?

A screening mammogram is recommended beginning at age 40 once a year. A screening mammogram is done only when you are having no problems. If you have a problem, a screening mammogram is not adequate to determine if it is serious or not. 

A new lump, nipple discharge, discoloration, focal pain that has not been studied before, or a lump that is changing are some reasons why a diagnostic mammogram should be done instead of a screening. Most insurance companies will pay for a screening mammogram.

What Are Diagnostic Mammograms?

A diagnostic mammogram is done when there is some type of problem. It will involve an advanced mammogram and possibly an ultrasound. The radiologist views the mammogram and will inform you of the findings before you leave. 

To make a diagnostic exam appointment, you must first consult your doctor about the problem as he/she may want to examine you before any images are taken. Most insurance companies cover the cost of a diagnostic exam, but you may have to pay toward the deductible before insurance will pay.

Female radiologist reviews paperwork with a middle-aged female prior to her mammogram at the breast center.

Contact the Breast Center at Cumberland Medical Center

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