Unveiling the Magic of Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

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Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that helps analyze, organize, and visualize data. However, this dynamic tool can seem overwhelming at times, and an important question to ask is, “How do you make Excel work for you?”

One hidden feature about Excel is that it incorporates keyboard shortcuts to expedite your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel are combinations of keys that, when pressed in order or at the same time, trigger a specific function or command. A comma sign (,) in a shortcut means you need to press the keys in order.  A plus sign (+) between the keys indicates the need to press multiple keys at the same time.

Understanding and utilizing these quick and easy shortcuts can significantly reduce time spent in repetitive tasks and maintain your sanity. For instance, the Alt+O+A shortcut selects all cells within a range and offers instant formatting options. Below you will find a list of 25 more Excel shortcuts to save you time.


Ctrl + ASelect all data
Ctrl + EFlash Fill
Ctrl +TInsert table
Alt + =Autosum
Ctrl + Shift + +Add row
Ctrl + –Delete row
Alt + ;View hidden columns/rows
Ctrl + 0Hide columns
Ctrl + 9Hide rows
Ctrl + NOpen new workbook
Shift + SpaceSelect entire row
Ctrl + SpaceSelect entire column
Ctrl + HomeGo to top left cell
Ctrl + EndGo to bottom right cell
Shift + ←↑↓→Multiselect columns/rows
Ctrl + Shift + ←↑↓→Select across table/range
Alt, H, O, IAutofit column width
Alt, H, O, AAutofit row height
Alt, O, AFormat data
Ctrl + QQuick Analysis toolbar
Ctrl + Pg UpToggle right tabs
Ctrl + Pg DnToggle left tabs
F4Absolute/relative reference
Ctrl + ;Current date

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