Q2 Update 2023

We are well underway into 2023 and have been working diligently to provide education and support to all of our fellow co-workers. Our LLD team is excited to update you on many things happening within our department!

Leadership Development

The education and reporting of this year’s Leadership Development Points transitioned to “Program Credits” which are managed and visible to you in your CovLearn account. Lots of research and testing went into this project in order to make it a better experience for everyone. We want to hear how your experience has been so far.

Leadership Quick Tips

EVERYONE can subscribe and receive our Leadership Quick Tips by contacting us or texting the word Tips to 844-905-2792 to subscribe and receive texts directly to your phone. Don’t forget to forward these to your staff!

Creating Visual Impact

LLD has partnered with other departments to help spread the word of Covenant Health’s new opportunities through video production. Be watching for videos on the following:

  • Advanced Care at Home
  • Family Medicine Residency
  • Employee Referral Program (earn extra $$$).


LLD continually works to develop and deliver tools and resources to aid you and your team members. Some of our top requested classes are:

If you have a class you are interested in that is not currently offered, please let us know!

Supporting Covenant’s Commitment to Innovation

We’ve recently developed a new ideation and problem solving workshop called Resolve to Solve. In this workshop, you and your team are guided through a proven process to help you self-analyze, define barriers, and use novel ideation techniques to problem solve and innovate.
Please note, this workshop is not a pre-scheduled class. We work with you to schedule a time that works best for both you and your team. Please contact us if you would like to schedule this impactful workshop.

CovLearn – eLearning Courses

Don’t be quick to click through the e-learning education.
Many of our e-learning courses have an acknowledgement button that requires you to select the “I accept” button before you can receive credit for the education. You can select the table of contents button in the module to return to the acknowledgement section or any other section you have already clicked through and wish to return. After the acknowledgement button is selected, you should receive credit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Facilitating and One-on-one Coaching

LLD is available to help you by facilitating team building activities, special projects, brainstorming sessions, communication needs, process improvements, and more. Additionally, if you and/or a team member are in need of one-on-one coaching we’re here to help.

New LLD Team Member

Some of you may have noticed we have a new LLD team member, Josh DeLaney! Originally from Knoxville Tennessee, Josh started at Covenant Health in June 2022 with a background in customer service and education. Josh has been a high school educator in marketing, business management, yearbook, and computer science. He has even taught some of our current employees! In his free time, Josh enjoys playing pickleball, watching the Atlanta Braves, and going on weekend trips with his wife and daughter. We know he has been here a little while but if you haven’t already, please help us welcome Josh to Covenant Health.

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