BEE Award Winner: Linda Schmidt

Congratulations to Linda Schmidt, a certified nursing assistant, in ASU for being recognized with the BEE award. Linda was nominated by her supervisor for the compassion and care that she shows to her patients daily.

Linda is pictured standing holding her flowers after BEE celebration.
Linda pictured with her BEE flower arrangement.

Linda’s Nomination

“Linda connects with her patients on a personal level. She spends time getting to know her patients. She is empathetic, kind, and provides humor in situations where it is appropriate. She spent extra time recently with a special needs patient of and she went above and beyond for this patient. The family was blown away by the kindness our team showed them. This isn’t a one-time circumstance. Linda spends that extra time providing her patients with comfort by offering them warm blankets, lending an ear to hear their worries and helping to put their minds at ease. We are blessed to have Linda as part of our ASU team!”

Linda is pictured with leadership team and co-workers holding the BEE banner for group photo.
Linda pictured with leadership team and her co-workers.

More About The BEE Award

Parkwest implemented The BEE (Being Exceptional Every day) Award to recognize employees who aren’t RNs and LPNs (they can be nominated for The DAISY Award). A DAISY can’t survive without a BEE and a BEE can’t survive without a DAISY! Nominate someone for a BEE Award today!

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