Be a Solution Finder

The key in finding problems is also finding solutions. Solutions are rarely easy, but if you are able to get your team moving in the same direction, you will have greater execution success. When the solution is agreed upon, you must also ensure progress is consistent by eliminating three key barriers

1. The quest to always look for something better

You may be distracted from making progress with your solution if you are constantly fixated on finding something better. The grass is not always greener on the other side- sometimes it is greener where you water it. There will be more results if you put your energy and focus into making progress with your solution at hand instead of always looking for the next best thing.

2. Focusing too much on what is wrong

Perfection is rare, but your work toward the solution will likely create better results than your current state. For this reason, it is important not to get off course with your progress just because you are worried it won’t turn out perfect. As Vince Lombardi stated, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

3.  Giving too much power to the stoppers

At times, it is good to pause and evaluate your progress toward the solution. However, don’t let yourself be persuaded to stop your solution progress due to doubt and frustration from others. It is important to persevere and show resilience on the path to success. It is a learning experience.

One tip to becoming a good solution finder is to ask yourself periodically, “How is this working for us?” and “Is this better than what we have now?” You should also seek out those who have been successful in the past and effectively listen to them for insight and guidance. Make sure you are also utilizing data while finding a solution in order to quantify return on investment and support your research. Sometimes you may need to be willing to support a team project even if you internally are not 100% on board. It is good to be a team player- you might be surprised at the value you will be able to add. Finally, never give up on the search for solutions. Be willing to invest time into brainstorming and ideation. Allowing yourself and your team to be creative will promote innovation and ultimately success.


The Busy Leader’s Handbook. (2022, January 25). Be a Solution Finder, Not a Problem Finder.

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