Donor Honor Rolls

At Covenant Health, we deeply value the generosity and dedication of our donors who share our mission of enhancing community well-being through improved healthcare. Philanthropic support is pivotal in empowering Covenant Health to deliver exceptional care. Contributions made to any of Covenant Health’s five foundations are encompassed within these donor recognition societies

Covenant Circle of Friends – Annual Giving Society

The Covenant Circle of Friends celebrates donors whose contributions total $1,000 or more annually, recognizing their steadfast commitment to our cause.

Visionary: $250,000 and above

Visionary donors exemplify forward-thinking leadership and significantly impact community health through their generous contributions.

Champion: $100,000-$249,999

Champion donors lead by example, demonstrating unwavering support for Covenant Health’s mission and initiatives.

Patron: $50,000-$99,999

Patron donors consistently contribute at a high level, demonstrating their steadfast commitment to improving community health outcomes.

Advocate: $25,000-$49,999

Advocate donors actively support and defend Covenant Health’s cause, playing a critical role in advancing our mission.

Ambassador: $15,000-$24,999

Ambassador donors represent and promote Covenant Health’s values and goals, spreading awareness and support throughout the community.

Partner: $10,000-$14,999

Partners collaborate closely with Covenant Health to achieve shared goals, contributing to the organization’s success and impact.

Pioneer: $1,000-$9,999

Pioneers pave the path for positive change in the community.

Circle of Excellence – Endowment Giving Society

The Circle of Excellence honors donors whose visionary support led them to establish endowments. These enduring funds ensure Covenant Health can continue to provide vital healthcare services to our community for generations to come. Members of the Circle of Excellence leave a legacy, enhancing the quality of life in our community through improved health services.

Legacy Circle – Planned Giving Society

The Legacy Circle recognizes donors who have demonstrated their commitment to our community by designating Covenant Health or one of the Covenant Health affiliates or one of its foundations as a beneficiary of a planned gift through their will, trust, life insurance or retirement plan. These thoughtful contributions ensure our ability to serve the community well into the future, profoundly impacting the health and well-being of generations to come.

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