Cancer Technology at Covenant Health

Two doctors examine a cancer patient's scan to discuss treatment options.

We’re fighting for your tomorrow with the region’s most advanced cancer research and technology.

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you want an elite team fighting for you. A team of physicians and research scientists, armed with the most advanced cancer technology available, and only found in this region at Covenant Health.

Female doctor comforts cancer patient who just finished a CT scan.

Like Gamma Knife, the area’s only non-invasive, radiosurgical device that targets tumors in a single treatment.

Clinical Trials not offered anywhere else in our region.

Today’s clinical trials are tomorrow’s standard of cancer care.

Thompson was the first to bring cancer clinical trials to East Tennessee more than 25 years ago. Clinical trials are research studies designed to answer specific questions and find better ways to treat different types of cancer.  In fact, the reason why we have seen dramatic progress in recent years and treatments are continually getting better is because there are new drugs available as a direct result of clinical trials.

Click here to learn more about Clinical Trials at Covenant Health.

Genetic Counseling to understand your cancer and its hereditary risk.

Genetic testing may help clarify cancer risks for an individual and his or her family members, as well as allow individuals to make informed decisions about their clinical cancer risk management.

And more Imaging Centers with advanced technology throughout our region.

Many of our centers now offer 3D mammography, which allows the radiologist to better detect smaller cancers – even with dense breast tissue. See below for the Covenant Health imaging center nearest you.

* indicates location offers 3D mammography

Claiborne Medical Center
Cumberland Medical Center
Fort Loudoun Women’s Imaging Services
The Breast Center at Covenant Health West*
LeConte Comprehensive Breast Center*
The Breast Center at Morristown Regional Diagnostic Center*
Oak Ridge Breast Center*
Parkwest Comprehensive Breast Center*
Roane Women’s Center for Mammography and Bone Densitometry
Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center*

Covenant Health Cancer Technology Resources

James Miller poses for a photo after receiving treatment at Thompson Cancer Survival Center.
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The staff here, I just can’t say enough about them. They have made a stressful situation a lot more pleasant. I’m encouraged that they have the new technology and that I’m getting to be a participant in that.

James Miller, Covenant Health Cancer Survivor

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I really have always been a fighter, and with everyone being so compassionate in handling me the way they did, they made it easy to have a positive attitude.

Theresa Tunnell, Covenant Health Cancer Survivor

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